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Maddalena Fuller

I have a fine arts background and a BFA from Concordia University in Montreal. I went to law school because I like working with people. I like messy human problems. I enjoy giving good advice. I can help you make good decisions. I want to find creative solutions to complicated

I am a good listener. I am extremely open-minded. I am not judgmental. I understand that relationships are complicated, and that breakups are devastating. I want to help you understand the law and make the best possible decisions when navigating your separation or planning for your future. I am committed to making use of the ways in which law has become more progressive and responsive to the changing needs and definitions of families, and to ensuring the legal system is accessible to everyone.

I obtained my Bachelors of Common and Civil Law from McGill University in 2009 and have been practising law in both the Ontario Court of Justice and the Ontario Superior Court of Justice since 2010. I do love arguing a case in court and telling a persuasive human story. But litigation is almost always a waste of time and money. The family court can be a blunt instrument for dealing with complex human problems, but it is available as a measure of last resort. Mediation, negotiation and other forms of dispute resolution are almost always preferable to litigation

If you are facing a separation, or entering a new relationship with some concerns for the future, you need good legal advice. I can help identify your needs and protect your interests going forward. It doesn’t have to be expensive. I am offering affordable, accessible, good advice. 

60 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 224
Toronto, Ontario, M6K 1X9
Tel. (437) 222-2025
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Chauntelle Pollard

Chauntelle Pollard is an invaluable law clerk, licensed paralegal and mother.

She performs the administrative work in the office and is instrumental in keeping lawyers and clients organized. Chauntelle is a peace keeper but has a strong sense of social justice. She has a genuine passion for the practice of law and is a fierce and loyal advocate. She listens without judgment, knows when to hold a hand, and cares about her clients. Maddalena and Chauntelle work closely together to provide attentive, cost efficient legal representation.

(437) 222-2025

60 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 224
Toronto, Ontario, M6K 1X9
Tel. 437-222-2025
Fax. 437-887-2437