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Are you facing a separation?

If you are facing a separation, or entering a new relationship, you need good legal advice.

I can help identify your needs and protect your interests.


Ending a Relationship

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Beginning a New Relationship

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Wills & Power of Attorney

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à la carte offerings

Legal Services & Coaching

Are you self-represented? Are you struggling to afford a lawyer? Do you need help with with some component of your family law litigation?


Better Breakups

A crash course for couples who have ended their relationship, and a guide to avoiding the divorce from hell.

$350 consultation

Need a Will?

Do you have children? Do you own property? Then you need a will.

2 wills for a couple
4 powers of attorney
(property and personal care)

Having a Baby?

Planning to have a baby with your gay best friend? Everything you need to know about your rights and obligations in the context of sperm donor or fertility agreements.

$200 consultation

Getting Hitched

Tidy up the loose ends of a previous relationship.

Uncontested Divorces.

$1000 plus fees and disbursements.

Separating or Divorcing

Everything you need to know about children, financial support and dividing your property. This consultation is intended for individuals in a breakup, not a couple.

$200 consultation


Why do I practice law?

I went to law school because I like working with people. I like messy human problems. I enjoy giving good advice. I can help you make good decisions. I want to find creative solutions to complicated

I understand that relationships are complicated, and that breakups are devastating. I want to help you understand the law and make the best possible decisions when navigating your separation or planning for your future.

— Maddalena Fuller